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Cecil the Lion Killer Back in Court

By Correspondent , 03 , Mar 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-One of the arrangers of the hunt that saw Cecil the Lion killed is set to be back in court after the state reworded its .. Read More →

Adolf Hitler’s Telephone Sold for 200K

By Correspondent , 03 , Mar 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-An old rotary Siemens telephone belonging to dictator Adolf Hitler and used during the World War 2 was sold at auction for $243 000.   .. Read More →

Strange Images Appear In The Sky In Kitwe Zambia

By Correspondent , 03 , Mar 2017

Kitwe, Zambia. - There was drama Wednesday in Kitwe at mukuba mall when a strange image that looked like a human appeared in the clouds. According to Zambian Watch, the .. Read More →

Sex Education To Be Introduced To 4 Year Olds In The UK

By Islam Sabulino , 02 , Mar 2017

BY ISLAM SABULINO. london. (News of The South) - The British government has announced that there shall be compulsory sex and relationship education in all England Schools. Children from as .. Read More →

Econet Broadens Ruzivo Platform

By Mumera Wisdom , 01 , Mar 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Econet Wireless has beefed up its revolutionary digital learning platform Ruzivo Smart Learning with more subjects including Ndebele and Shona as the company steps up .. Read More →

Crisis in Zimbabwe Calls for Justice After Xenophobic Attacks

By Mumera Wisdom , 01 , Mar 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) has called for a full investigation and institution of justice for perpetrators of the latest xenophobic attacks which have .. Read More →

Floods In Zimbabwe Reinforce The Country’s Need To Immediately Fix The Economy

By Pearson Mbendera , 01 , Mar 2017

By Pearson Mbendera. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) - The previous years have seen the country having shortage of rainfall that has seen the country failing to adequately provide .. Read More →

South Africans Exposed To Xenophobia Attacks Once Again

By Correspondent , 28 , Feb 2017

By Stanley Karombo JOHANNESBURG South Africa - Xenophobic attacks have reared ugly heads in South Africa, leaving a trail of destruction of foreigners’ shops and business. As of last week, .. Read More →

Prof Moyo Clashes With Coltart, Calls Him Racist

By Mumera Wisdom , 28 , Feb 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-More and more Twitter is unravelling beings, providing an open space where personalities are clashing in an unrestrained and ‘politically incorrect’ manner as Prof Jonathan .. Read More →