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Zimbabwe National Debt and Economic Revitalization Program

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2019

By Pastor Richard Tembo. London. (News of The South) - In this posting I am going to talk about: Economic revitalization in ZimbabweESAP one and ESAP two-comparisonImmigration Political bait to .. Read More →

Daniel Amoateng voted 2018 Most Influential Young Ghanaian

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2019

By Prince Akpah. Accra, Ghana. (News of The South) -Civil Engineer, Speaker, Author, Philanthropist and Prophet, Daniel Amoateng has been voted the 2018 Most Influential Young Ghanaian in the 4th .. Read More →

Brexit : Poem By Masimba Mukichi

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2019

By Masimba Mukichi . ‘Voters power’ is unpredictable as lightning I didn’t see it coming Wind of change is reverberating, in the Snowdon Mountain. Horizon of new beginnings, is upon .. Read More →

ICCROM Africa Expert Meeting for Cultural Heritage Conservation concluded at the Egyptian Academy in Rome

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2019

Press Release. New Africa programme to focus on youth and its engagement with heritage Rome. Connect and inspire African youth with the possibilities of their rich heritage. Use digital technologies, .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Under Siege, What’s The Way Forward?

By Correspondent , 15 , Jan 2019

By Lloyd Msipa. “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now” – African Proverb It’s only been six months since Zimbabwe held its .. Read More →

Acie Lumumba’s Opinion On Why Zimbabwe Is Not Moving Forward

By Correspondent , 10 , Jan 2019

Self-styled communications strategistist William Mutumanje says President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Presidency has started on a false start and is failing. Citing four reasons that he thinks are contributing to the failure .. Read More →

Building Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector

By Correspondent , 10 , Jan 2019

The  following  are  the  summarized industry  needs to build  Zimbabwe’s  mining  sector  and  advance  indigenous miner ownership  from  small  scale  production  to large.   There  is an  immediate need for .. Read More →

Brief ZANU PF Party Ideology; Gwara Remusangano

By Correspondent , 06 , Jan 2019

A lot of things have happened and I do hope by the end of this address we will understand what happened and why things are unfolding as they are doing .. Read More →

Zimbabwe: The History, Present & Future of Money As a Medium of Exchange and Store of Value.

By Correspondent , 04 , Jan 2019

By Lazarus Nyagumbo.London. (News of The South) - In recent days, there’s has been an escalation in the discussion of topical monetary issues, in particular optimal and relevant currency to .. Read More →