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The King of Style Qounfuzed Turns 21

By Correspondent , 05 , Jun 2014

By Jackie Chibamu As we help the talented "Macdonald Sheldon" known too well by his stage name of "Qounfuzed" celebrate his 21st birthday today . With age comes maturity too, .. Read More →

Justin Beiber In "N" Word Scandal

By Correspondent , 05 , Jun 2014

DISGRACED SINGER Justin Bieber is at the centre of a fresh scandal after a second video emerged capturing him making more racist remarks, according to reports. The shocking new clip .. Read More →

Sekuru Berv Set To Become Zimbabwe`s Next Chimurenga Star

By Eugene Majuru , 05 , Jun 2014

Zimbabwe`s next upcoming chimurenga musician is 25 year old Berven Mashonganyika well known as Sekuru Berv in music industry. It was at the tender age of 12 that Mashonganyika started .. Read More →

Porn DJ Tino Katsande Was Unlawfully Dismissed

By Correspondent , 03 , Jun 2014

Former ZiFM Breakfast Show hostess Tinopona Katsande was unlawfully dismissed from employment for misconduct allegedly arising from her leaked pornographic video, an arbitrator has ruled. Katsande who is known to .. Read More →

Tendex Set To Tour Germany

By Correspondent , 29 , May 2014

By Mary Doma (News of The South) - Tendai Madzviti aka Tendex the lead vocalist of the luggards is set to perform in Germany this coming July and has promised .. Read More →

Poet Maya Angelou Dies At 86

By Hilda Desai , 29 , May 2014

Maya Angelou, the 86 year old author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, died at home in North Carolina, according to her agent. Just a few days ago .. Read More →

Video, Fans Go Wild As Mechanic Manyeruke Rocks leicester City

By Showbiz Reporter , 26 , May 2014

The Leicester leg of the Zimpraise UK tour held on Saturday at the Athena proved managed to get Leicester fans alive as Zimpraise and Mechanic Manyeruke brought the Athena to .. Read More →

Seh Calaz Feels The Heat As Winky D Drops Fire

By Correspondent , 26 , May 2014

Zimdancehall arch-rivals Winky D and Seh Calaz clashed for the first time at Harare International Carnival’s Zimdancehall night in the Harare Gardens on Saturday night. Seh Calaz was beaten to .. Read More →