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Stunners Wife Olinda Chapel Chideme Sobs Her Heart Out Live On Facebook

By Showbiz Reporter , 06 , Jan 2017

( crying) …sigh… It’s all right, I have got an audience and I want you to call anybody and everybody that you want on this platform. And people gona say .. Read More →

Stunner’s Wife Threatens To Drink Husband’s Drugs Found In Bedroom

By Correspondent , 06 , Jan 2017

Nyamapanda, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) One Of Zimbabwe's rappers Desmond Chideme aka "Stunner" married Olinda Chapel was recently exposed by his wife who said she was tired of his .. Read More →

“Stunner” Desmond Chideme`s Gold Digging Ways And Cheating Revealed By Wife

By Showbiz Reporter , 05 , Jan 2017

https://youtu.be/5CtmGtVpWkg (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); .. Read More →

Soul Jah Love Live At Festive Xplosion UK December 31 2016

By Showbiz Reporter , 01 , Jan 2017

https://youtu.be/Zw8TB61LKhs (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); .. Read More →

Hope Masike’s Plight in the Shade of Chiwoniso Maraire

By Mumera Wisdom , 31 , Dec 2016

  Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-When Chiwoniso Maraire died I was hurt and disappointed.   Hurt because she had died and disappointed because we all die but she had .. Read More →

The Wet Dream Beyond Zimbabwe

By Mumera Wisdom , 29 , Dec 2016

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-The year is ending on a new but old footage of the President struggling with a shovel, patting a moldy clump of dirty instead of .. Read More →

Jah Prayzah Fame Inspires Army Regalia Fashion

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 29 , Dec 2016

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Anyone who watched Jah Prayzah’s "Mudhara achauya" video can testify that as an artist, he has his own signature mark, which is adorning .. Read More →

Video: Mathias Mhere Performs Ndiye Wazondiramba In Leicester

By Eugene Majuru , 24 , Dec 2016

Leicester, England. (News Of The South) - Watch Mathias Mhere perform in Leicester at the Gospel Explosion Concert Held at Salvation army Church, Leicester City Centre on December 17. https://youtu.be/m3SYcXUmecs .. Read More →

Christmas Along A Pavement in Zimbabwe

By Mumera Wisdom , 20 , Dec 2016

  Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Zimbabwe is currently lost on some dark path to nowhere with much genuflection to years gone by hindering any productive steam ahead.   Whilst .. Read More →