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Tullow Finds More Oil In Kenya

By Correspondent , 16 , Jan 2014

By Business Reporter Kenya announced the discovery of fresh oil in the under developed north and the find is expected to boost the economy. The announcement was made on Wednesday .. Read More →

New ABC Shareholder Opts Against Board Changes

By Takudzwa Mashumba , 10 , Jan 2014

ABC Holdings Limited majority shareholder, ADC Mauritius will not be bringing any immediate changes to the Pan African group's board as expected after increasing its shareholding in the group and .. Read More →

The wonders of permaculture

By Lazarus Sauti , 09 , Jan 2014

Lazarus Sauti Abigail Conrad, a PhD candidate in Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC, says small-scale farmers produce food for 70 percent of the global population. Yet, they are .. Read More →

Bold Budgets And The Ironies That Won`t Sell

By Correspondent , 08 , Jan 2014

By Wisdom Mumera (News Of The South) - Less than a month after the presentation of Zimbabwe`s 2014 National Budget, the glare from it`s many ironies still calls for shaded .. Read More →

UK Pensions, Better Late Than Never

By Correspondent , 08 , Jan 2014

By Masimba Mukichi Historically the age at which one can claim state pension benefits in the United Kingdom has been 65 for men and 60 for women. The current scenario .. Read More →

New Regulations On Vehicle Imports To Zimbabwe Via Botswana

By Correspondent , 08 , Jan 2014

ZIMRA Press Statement NOTICE TO OUR VALUED CLIENTS: NEW REGULATIONS ON THE IMPORTATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES THROUGH BOTSWANA The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) wishes to advise its valued clients that .. Read More →

Embrace Biotechnology For Development

By Lazarus Sauti , 06 , Jan 2014

Lazarus Sauti Biotechnology is a new technology that has the potential to do for development what mobile technology has done for the communication sector in the country. This new technology .. Read More →

Investment In Nutrition Key To Unlocking A Better Future

By Lazarus Sauti , 29 , Dec 2013

Lazarus Sauti On World Food Day, the United Nations says investment in nutrition is key to unlocking a better future. This highlights the power of nutrition to transform individuals, societies .. Read More →

Christmas Against Adversity

By Correspondent , 29 , Dec 2013

By Wisdom Mumera The large group of children whispers conspiratorially gathered together. Suddenly they rush away from each other shrieking loudly. Passer bys stare at them in confusion. Others don’t .. Read More →