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Edgars Records At Stronger Sales

By Correspondent , 29 , Mar 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South)- – Edcon's Zimbabwe based clothing retailer, Edgars Stores Limited says it has recorded stronger sales riding on a number of factors .. Read More →

Critical Sources Of Zimbabwe’s Economic Growth

By Correspondent , 28 , Mar 2018

Economic Engineering & Reorientation - An Interrogation of Allocative and Productive Efficiency in ZW Factors of Production* Land includes all natural physical resources – e.g. fertile farm land, the benefits .. Read More →

Harare Is Ready For Investment : City Fathers

By Correspondent , 28 , Mar 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare,Zimbabwe. (News of The South) – The City of Harare on Tuesday said it has reformed its Ease of Doing Business model and have put in place .. Read More →

Re- Engagement Through Tourism In Zimbabwe

By Correspondent , 27 , Mar 2018

By Lorraine Muwuya - Travel And Tourism Correspondent And Photo Journalist. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - A 12 member British media and travel delegation is in Zimbabwe for .. Read More →

Obasanjo Heads Advisory Council For Intra- African Trade Fair

By Correspondent , 26 , Mar 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare. (News of The South) – The African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) has established an Advisory Council for the inaugural Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF2018), with former Nigerian President .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Signs $4.2Billion Platinum Deal

By Correspondent , 22 , Mar 2018

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town , Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Zimbabwe has signed $4,2 billion platinum This is the largest investment structure in the country's mining industry. The .. Read More →

Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi To Receive Honorary Patronage At South African Edition Of Zim Achievers

By Correspondent , 21 , Mar 2018

London. - (News of The South) - Tuku to receive honorary patronage at the South African edition of the Zim Achievers Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) South Africa will honour Dr .. Read More →

Zimbabwean Government Releases Externalisation List

By Correspondent , 20 , Mar 2018

By Beaven Dhliwayo. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - The Zimbabwean Government on Monday released a list of companies and individuals who externalised funds and did not heed to .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Office Of The President And Cabinet Is In Search For Parastatal Board Members

By Correspondent , 20 , Mar 2018

Harare. (News of The South)- Government is creating a database of potential Board Members for state enterprises. · They are looking for a minimum of 3000 names. The database is .. Read More →