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History As Zimbabwe Builds “Titanic” Houseboat

By Correspondent , 16 , Oct 2017

By Correspondent in Harare. (News of The South) - Zimbabwe, despite its economic hardships, has beaten South Africa and other SADC countries in building a mini "Titanic" Houseboat. It has .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Makes History As Gigantic Houseboat Spectacles Along Harare Masvingo Motorway

By Correspondent , 16 , Oct 2017

The African Dream, a houseboat believed to be one of the biggest houseboats to have been built in Zimbabwe and has been a spectacle along the Harare-Masvingo Highway, passed through .. Read More →

Delta Boost Fellowship Boosts Zimbabwe’s Sustainable Environmental Management Initiatives

By Correspondent , 15 , Oct 2017

By Wallace Mawire. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) Delta Corporation Limited and the Boost Fellowship have partnered to promote sustainable environmental management through innovation, community empowerment and entrepreneurial action .. Read More →

Joah Spearman Guest Lectures At The Same Business School That Rejected Him

By Correspondent , 14 , Oct 2017

By Joah Spearman. On February 7 I had the privilege of being a guest lecturer at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. Here's a photo of .. Read More →

Kia Motors appoints Oleg Son as new Head of Kia Design China

By Correspondent , 12 , Oct 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Kia Motors has appointed prominent car designer Oleg Son 56, as Head of Kia Design China – leading the brand’s design activities in China and strengthening its design .. Read More →

Vodaphone Ghana CEO Yolanda Cuba Receives WomanRising Top Corporate Women Leaders Award

By Prince Akpah , 09 , Oct 2017

By Prince Akpah. Accra, Ghana. (News of The South) - Vodafone Ghana CEO, Yolanda Zoleka Cuba has been presented with an award, recognizing her among WomanRising’s 2016 Top 50 Corporate .. Read More →

Kwesé TV on the move , Beyond wow!

By Correspondent , 06 , Oct 2017

Strive Masiyiwa Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Over the years I have shared with you how important is the smart use of your most precious resource... your time. In this .. Read More →

How the market can convert agricultural commodities into career pipelines

By Correspondent , 06 , Oct 2017

Charles Dhewa Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Besides climate change and environmental degradation, a major challenge facing many African rural communities is migration of skills and talent to urban centres. .. Read More →

Corruption Dulls Mining Sector’s Shine

By Correspondent , 03 , Oct 2017

Wisdom Mumera Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Rampant corruption and political interference has made Zimbabwe’s mining a very unattractive sector globally reducing a lucrative sector into a non-entity according to .. Read More →