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ZBC Outside Broadcast Satellite Van Fails To Broadcast Mugabe’s Resignation It Will Be Pre – Recorded

By Correspondent , 19 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South)- Zimbabwe Broadcasting Outside Sattelite Van has reportedly failed to stream live Mugabe’s resignation and the announcent will now be done as pre recorded and .. Read More →

Mugabe Finally Gone

By Correspondent , 19 , Nov 2017

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Zimbabweans around the country and across the world seized the golden opportunity on Saturday 18 November 2017 morning to .. Read More →

Pics: Mugabe Meets His Generals As They Salute And Sit Down

By editor , 19 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe met his generals on Sunday. See pictures below: .. Read More →

Mnangagwa Appointed Interim President As Mugabe Gets Fired

By editor , 19 , Nov 2017

Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU PF has fired Robert Mugabe and appointed Emmerson Mnangagwa as the Interim President. MPOFU has been nominated to chair the special Central committee meeting by a quorum .. Read More →

Mugabe Refuses To Step Down What Are The Options?

By Correspondent , 19 , Nov 2017

By Lloyd Msipa. London. (News of The South) - Despite a popular show of people power demanding Mugabe to step down, he has stuck to his guns arguing that he .. Read More →

Mugabe About To Resign

By Eugene Majuru , 18 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News Of The South) - Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe is about to resign according to a reliable source in Harare. Following a vote of no confidence from all .. Read More →

ZANU PF Bulawayo In Full Support Of Army Intervention Efforts In Zimbabwe

By Correspondent , 17 , Nov 2017

BULAWAYO PROVINCE Following a well constituted and constitutional Provincial Coordinating Committee that was convened today, ZANU PF Bulawayo Province made far reaching decisions that can be summed up as follows. .. Read More →

Zimbabweans Need Assurance Of Political Situation: Violet Mariyacha

By Correspondent , 17 , Nov 2017

Press Release. Harare, Zimbabwe. - In the last few days, we have seen the birth of *democracy* whilst the nation is going through a rollercoaster of mixed emotions, we need .. Read More →

Pics : Mugabe And Chiwenga In Zimbabwe Political Dialogue

By Correspondent , 17 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe. (News Of The South) - See pics of Zimbabwean President and Army Commander Constantine Chiwenga at State house as they negotiate for Mugabe`s hand over of power. .. Read More →