A lot of things have happened and I do hope by the end of this address we will understand what happened and why things are unfolding as they are doing today.

In Hosea 4 v 6 the bible says “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge”. We have also noted that many of our people are led astray because of lack of knowledge. The purpose of this publication is to explain some fundamental issues that everyone who purports to be a ZANU PF cadre should know and follow.

  1. The message we have today focuses on party ideology.

    ZANU and ZAPU which united into the present party in 1987 were formed more than 50 years ago by nationalists who desired to bring about a socio economic and political dispensation that favoured the majority indigenous people. They were formed following decades of oppression by a minority white settler population that had colonized the country.

    The fathers of the Zimbabwean revolution led people towards the attainment of independence and pursuit of an ideology that would bring about social justice, economic inclusion and a political voice.


    1. Erickson and Tedin (2003:64) define an ideology as “a set of beliefs about the proper order of society and how it can be achieved”.

    An ideology is based on common understanding of fundamental issues, a common vision and a shared strategy on achieving our goals.

    When people have a common ideology they understand their challenges in the same way and they also believe in same remedies for the ills that afflict their society.

    An ideology therefore brings about social cohesion which is an ingredient for peace and development. You need to understand that ideology is what makes us, ZANU PF, different from MDC or any other political party.

    For example in ZANU PF we believe in independence and control of our economy. The MDC believes we need to be workers of western capital monopoly who would own resources of this country.

    This is what ZANU PF fought to remove and all sons and daughters of the revolutionary party ZANU PF should be seen to resist people with retrogressive ideas be they from opposition or among us. Our ideology represents our political moral code and worldview.


    1. ZANU PF is a Socialist party with a Pan Africanist orientation. We believe in:

    a. Independence and sovereignty.

    The independence of the country came after an arduous circuitous route along which thousands perished. It was a struggle to remove colonial subjugation.

    ZANU PF is committed to ensure there is no repeat or reversal of the gains of our hard fought independence. As a sovereign state we are answerable to God and no-one else. Anyone who threatens these values is an enemy of our struggle.

    Resource nationalism.

    The need to have control over the means of production was at the heart of our struggle. The Lancaster House settlement took the momentum off the struggle to get our resources back.

    We revived the struggle through the Third Chimurenga and we will not relent. It is a duty the abrogating on it is tantamount to betraying all the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who paid the ultimate price to liberate this country.

    c. Equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

    Equity is at the heart of over endeavours. We strive to ensure that wealth is spread as much as possible to the majority population. You will recall that before ZANU PF undertook empowerment policies, land was in the hands of a minority white population. We have addressed that. It was also difficult to start your own business but that’s a thing of the past now. The standard of living has improved greatly despite the sanctions that we are operating under.

    d. Democracy.

    Democracy is rule of the majority. ZANU PF brought about democracy in Zimbabwe in 1980 and we have ensured that people choose their leaders ever since. Within the party we use what is called democratic centralism. This is a system whereby party members are allowed freedom to discuss and debate matters of policy and make their submission to leadership. When the leadership takes a decision, all members are expected to uphold that decision.

    e. Protection of our culture and heritage.

    One of the key tenets of our ideology is protection of the Zimbabwean culture and heritage. This heritage is both tangible and intangible.

    We can inspiration from 1 Kings Chapter 21 where Naboth swore not to sell the heritage from his forefathers under whatever circumstances.

    We are committed to the defence of what is duly ours and from the above Biblical story we understand that God is on the side of those who are fighting for their heritage.

    We are also concerned about the protection of our culture which is largely intangible heritage.

    ZANU PF will fight anyone who wants to impose anti-people practices like homosexuality. It will strive to promote discipline and respect within its rank and file just as our culture demands. A person who cannot respect his/her elders is a rebel.

    1. The aforesaid central ideas of our ideology are only attainable with a cadreship that upholds the party’s values. For this reason, party members have an obligation to be disciplined, loyal, patriotic, selfless and hardworking.

    a. Discipline.

    Discipline is the notion of submission to rules. A person who is disciplined takes orders, instructions and directives from his superiors without questioning. A child who questions every order, rule or regulation from his/her parents lacks discipline. A party that does not enforce discipline is doomed.

    A cadre who lacks discipline is a threat himself/herself and to the entire party.

    ZANU PF is a party that enforces discipline on errant members without fear or favour. Those that refuse to accept disciplinary measure taken upon them are expelled from the party.

    Without a proper disciplinary code the party becomes anarchical.

    b. Loyalty.

    Loyal cadres have unshaken support for their leaders. The leader is elected by the party membership and it is the responsibility of all members to support the leader without failure. The Second Chimurenga was fought successfully by men and women who were loyal to their commanders. It is this kind of loyalty that won the war.

    c. Selflessness and sacrifice.

    The party needs cadres who are not selfish. It needs people who are able to sacrifice for the benefit of others. Selfish individuals are enemies of the ZANU PF ideology.

    The life of the late ZANU National Chairman, Cde Herbert Pfumandini Chitepo epitomizes great sacrifice. Cde Chitepo was the first black lawyer and barrister.

    He left a highly paying profession and job in Tanzania to lead the armed struggle at a time when his colleagues were in prison. Cde Chitepo paid for the independence of this country with his own life. ZANU PF is crying out loud for its cadres to have the same kind of sacrifice in the fight to defend our independence as well as the drive for economic salvation.

    Hard work.
    The battle at hand on the economy needs hard workers. People have to go the extra mile to ensure the country prospers. Those who were allocated land must work their socks off on the land to feed the nation. All of us have a role to play in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of our economy.

    We all have to do our utmost effort to produce.

    Afterall the entire Bible in Genesis says because of disobeying God in the Garden of Eden, men shall eat the product of his sweat. By implication, we are not blessed for something we receive but for something we work for.





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