Beauty Invades Zimbabwe As Miss World Heritage Takes To The Stage

By Lorraine Mashandure , 06 , Dec 2013

By Anoziva Marindire and Lorraine Mashandure The inaugral Miss Heritage World set to take place on Saturday December 7 in Harare. The beauty pageant will see a bevy of 20 .. Read More →

Treasury Releases 46% Only For Masvingo Hospital

By Lorraine Mashandure , 21 , Nov 2013

By Lorraine Mashandure Harare Wednesday 20 November 2013(News of the South) – Government has only managed to release 46 per cent of the $294 000 allocated this year for Masvingo .. Read More →

Egypitan Journalists To Appear Before Criminal Court

By Lorraine Mashandure , 14 , Nov 2013

Thursday 14 NOVEMBER 2013 (News of the South)- An independent newspaper operating in Egypt had two of its reporters arrested for defaming judges in an article published in 2012 and .. Read More →

ICT Mobile To Transform Smallholder Farming

By Lorraine Mashandure , 07 , Nov 2013

Thursday 7 November 2013 (News of the South)- Smallholder farming is set to be transformed by a combination of investment and increasing access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) mainly .. Read More →

Entrepreneur Chauncy Mopho Scoops Global Award

By Lorraine Mashandure , 11 , Oct 2013

(News of the South) - The Black Business Achievers has awarded USA based Malawian prominent entrepreneur with a second position for the global business award in 2013. Chauncy Mopho Jere .. Read More →

World`s Population To Embrace Internet By Year End

By Lorraine Mashandure , 10 , Oct 2013

Thursday 10 October 2013(News of the South)- Over 2.7 billion which is 40 per cent of the world’s population will be online by year end in addition to the 250million .. Read More →

Indecent Dressing An Obsession?

By Lorraine Mashandure , 08 , Oct 2013

Indecent Obsession By Tendai Makaripe and Lorraine Mashandure John Charles Galliano a Gibraltar-born British fashion designer once said, “Dressing up. People don’t just do it anymore. We have to change .. Read More →

Made In Nigeria Phones Will Soon Hit The Market

By Lorraine Mashandure , 04 , Oct 2013

MADE IN NIGERIA PHONES TO BE LAUNCHED Friday 3 October, 2013(News of the South)-Nigeria has plans to launch two mobile phones next month. Indigenisation has taken a toll in African .. Read More →

PIB Records An Increase In Pork Production

By Lorraine Mashandure , 03 , Oct 2013

(News of the South) - Harare - The Pig Industry Board (PIB) has recorded an increase in production during the first eight months of the year an official has said. .. Read More →