Facebook To Invest In Nigeria

By Correspondent , 24 , Nov 2017

By Bolatito Adebola. Recently in Lagos, Facebook announced a new nationwide initiative in Nigeria to further cement its commitment and investment in the country, and across the continent. Incorporating a .. Read More →

Mugabe granted immunity, assured of safety in Zimbabwe: sources

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution and assured that his safety would be protected in his home country as part of a .. Read More →

Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-Experts say that's a problem because nighttime lights are known to disrupt our body clocks and raise the risks of cancer, diabetes and depression.   They .. Read More →

Denzel Washington, Colin Farrell shine in spotty ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-It stars Denzel Washington, who gives a tremendous performance as a lawyer, perhaps with Asperger's syndrome, whose tidy life is thrown into turmoil. You can't stop .. Read More →

Emmerson Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe witnessing new democracy

By Correspondent , 23 , Nov 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-Zimbabwe is entering a new era of democracy, incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa has said in his first public remarks since his return to the country.   .. Read More →

Former President Mugabe’s Resignation Letter

By Correspondent , 22 , Nov 2017

Below the full text of ex-President Robert Mugabe's resignation letter: State House Harare Zimbabwe 21 November 2017 The Honourable Jacob Mudenda Notice of resignation as President of the Republic of .. Read More →

Hasn`t The Tyranny Shifted To Another House?

By Correspondent , 22 , Nov 2017

By Noah Mangwarara. Wild celebrations erupted in the streets of Harare following the resignation of Robert Mugabe as the state president of Zimbabwe. Indeed there is every reason for a .. Read More →

The Dangers of Groupthink Politics

By Correspondent , 22 , Nov 2017

By Noah Mangwarara. Harare, Zimbabwe. - (News of The South) - Following the recent political developments in Zimbabwe, one involuntarily enters into deep thinking and speculation on what will become .. Read More →

Zimbabwe’s Home Affairs Minister Ignatius Chombo ‘s Net Worth $1.2 Billion

By Correspondent , 22 , Nov 2017

BY JABU JARI. Zimbabwean Correspondent: TODAY we bring you the details of the sprawling business and property empire that Zimbabwe’s Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo has mysteriously built over the years. It .. Read More →