Released Editor Kudzai Enjoys Freedom

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

Zimbabwe, Harare. Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi, accused of attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected Government and undermining the authority of the President, was in a jovial mood yesterday after being .. Read More →

Ministers From West Africa Set Up Ebola Fund

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

An emergency meeting of West African Health Ministers on the Ebola Virus disease has ended with a unanimous agreement to set up a fund of $10 million to support research .. Read More →

Can We All Succeed?

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

By Pearson Mbendera Of late the human race has gotten so obsessed with success more than ever before. Whether it’s one achieving success, reading about someone who achieved it or .. Read More →

Farmers Changing Hands As Some Return To Rural Areas

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

By Wisdom Mumera. Zimbabwe. - (News Of The South)- Nearly 20% of farms have changed hands since the Land Reform Programme in 2000 with A2 farms recording a higher percentage .. Read More →

Aquaculture Becomes Fastest Growing Food Sector

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

By Wisdom Mumera Zimbabwe, Harare. ( News Of The South)- 2014 - Aquaculture is becoming the fastest growing food-producing sector in the country and with latest figures for worldwide aquaculture .. Read More →

Women And Material Things

By Correspondent , 05 , Jul 2014

By Priscilla Mangwana What is it with us women and having men to prove their love by buying us material things? We hear statements like my husband doesn’t even care. .. Read More →

ZANU PF Expands Into Mainland Europe

By Correspondent , 04 , Jul 2014

ZANU PF broke new grounds on Saturday as it launched its first Chapter in Mainland Europe in the city of Amsterdam; which will encompass Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg; named BENELUX .. Read More →

Keep A Progress Report And Never Quit

By Correspondent , 04 , Jul 2014

By Pearson Mbendera (News of The South) - We all have goals, dreams and objectives of where we want to end up in life. At any point in life there .. Read More →

Chances Of Reduced Fertility For Women On The Pill

By Correspondent , 03 , Jul 2014

Women who use the contraceptive pill could be damaging their fertility in the future, a new study has revealed. Researchers found the powerful hormones in the drug can ‘age’ the .. Read More →