Dr Joice Mujuru Survives Political Violence In Glen Norah Harare

By Correspondent , 01 , Feb 2018

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town. (South Africa) - Political viloence has resurfaced and erupted at the Spaceman shopping centre in Glen Norah Harare, where Dr Joice Mujuru was about to .. Read More →

Edith Tanhira Highlights Zimbabwe ‘s Education System At The Zimbabwe Women’s Global Forum In London

By Correspondent , 31 , Jan 2018

Edith Tanhira presented on Zimbabwe’s eduction System at the Zimbabwe Women 's Global Forum (ZWGF) held on Saturday January 26 at the London Church of Scientology. (ZWGF) was formed By .. Read More →

Kenyan Opposition Leader Raila Odinga Inaugurates Himself

By Correspondent , 31 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town, South Africa. (News of The South) - Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared himself the 'president of the Kenyan people' He has been sworn-in today .. Read More →

Another Political Alliance Set To Be Launched In Bulawayo

By Correspondent , 30 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. The Elton Mangoma led CODE Alliance is likely to suffer a still birth following a split of other parties who have grouped to form another new political .. Read More →

Zimbabwe Must Invest More In Agriculture To Improve Food Security

By Correspondent , 30 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town, South Africa. (News of The South) - Politics of grandstanding should be a thing of the past and must not find its way to the .. Read More →

Zimbabwe’s Laws Hit Adolescents Future At Risk

By Correspondent , 29 , Jan 2018

By Edward Makuzva. Harare, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) - Zimbabwe's inconsistent laws and sexual tabbos has put adolescents at risk of harmful consequences, including dying in childbirth and make .. Read More →

Trials And Tribulations Faced By Zimbabwean Nationals In South Africa

By Correspondent , 28 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Cape Town. (News of The South) - Africa is a country where everyone outside the country believed that their economic and employment challenges would be solved. South .. Read More →

President Mnangagwa Breaks New Grounds As He Pushes For Economic Turnaround

By Correspondent , 25 , Jan 2018

By Leonard Koni. Caoe Town, South Africa. (News of The South) - President Emmerson Mnangagwa's visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos Switzerland has opened a new political .. Read More →

NPP UK Welcome EU Statement On Respectful Re- Engagement Wirh Zimbabwean Government

By Correspondent , 24 , Jan 2018

PRESS STATEMENT: NPP UK notes and welcomes EU Statement on positive, mutually respectful and beneficial re-engagement with the Zimbabwe government following the departure of president Mugabe and subsequent take over .. Read More →