Zimbabwe’s Shady Extractive Sector Could Avert Cash Crisis: Experts

By Correspondent , 26 , Dec 2017

By Kudzai Chimhangwa. Harare, ZIMBABWE.(News of The South) - The extractive sector remains an enclave that is largely detached from the economy and is plagued by illicit financial flows, which .. Read More →

Merry Christmas From News of The South

By Correspondent , 25 , Dec 2017

London. News of The South would like to wish all our valued readers Worldwide a merry Christmas and all the best in the year ahead. .. Read More →

Zimbabwean Youth Pledge To Honour War Veterans

By Correspondent , 25 , Dec 2017

Press Release We, the youths of Zimbabwe, united in our diversity converged in the city of Bulawayo which is identified with the concept of nationalism, being the home of Cde .. Read More →

Dr Brighton Chireka Responds to Viral Video Of Zimbabwean Nurses

By Correspondent , 22 , Dec 2017

My response to the video circulating about the nurses in Zimbabwe . By Dr Brighton Chireka. My take on this video. We see a nurse passing over the gloves . .. Read More →

Catalonia: Rajoy’s efforts to snuff out independence push backfire

By Correspondent , 22 , Dec 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-Catalonia's political crisis is unresolved after fresh elections called by the Spanish government.   After a record turnout of over 80%, the region's voters again favoured .. Read More →

Top female grandmaster takes on man’s world of chess

By Correspondent , 22 , Dec 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe (News of the South)-As a young girl, Yifan Hou was enchanted by the shapes of chess pieces.   This initial intrigue coupled with a natural flair for the .. Read More →

Yes, Apple is slowing your old iPhone. But it’s not a conspiracy

By Correspondent , 22 , Dec 2017

Hsrare, Zimbabwe(News ofthe South)-So now Apple has cnfirmed what customers have long complained about: When you upgrade the software on your old iPhone, it can make it run slower.   .. Read More →

Uganda Passes Contentious Life Presidency Bill

By Correspondent , 22 , Dec 2017

Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-One of Africa's longest-serving leaders could rule until 2031 after Ugandan lawmakers late on Wednesday passed contentious legislation that many in the east African nation saw .. Read More →

Close To 10 000 Zimbabweans Attend Mnangagwa Meeting In South Africa

By Correspondent , 21 , Dec 2017

By Paul Nyathi. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has shown a shocking popularity amongst Zimbabweans living in South Africa as almost ten thousands Zimbabweans turned up to meet him in what was .. Read More →