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Where, Zimbabwe. (News of The South) – Zanu PF members in Shamva North constituency, Mashonaland central province are this week up in arms over the candidature of Zex Pamacheche who faces a murder charge.

The ruling party members threated to vote for the opposition in the constituency if Pamacheche is allowed to stand in the elections. Pamacheche is on bail for murder charge following the death of a congregate at Wimbo shrine in 2014.

“We can’t vote for a murder. He needs to clear his name first before he can start campaigning for Zanu PF. His hands are dripping with blood – Zanu PF must not be part and parcel of his murder,” said Rutendo Gwavi.

“Pamacheche and his cabal killed Jacob Zifungo in 2014. Zifungo was a prophet and fromer police from Gwanda. Pamacheche accused him of resisting the introduction of Chinese herbs under the Tians programme. They killed him in Zvisokwe River. They were arrested, and are on remand and are still terrorising people at the shrine,” Mudzidzi Obenesia, a son of Mudzidzi Wimbo (Magnesta) he said.

“After the incident, we the Gomo family, church members and the local traditional leadership agreed to send them back to their families because we could not stay with murderers. After a few months, they came back and abducted Mudzidzi to the shrine under the guise that they were taking him to the Chihuri family for a visit.”

Pamacheche is also accused by the church aides of misappropriating over $120 000 raised by the church to buy a new vehicle for Wimbo.

Pamacheche, Shepherd Chingwena and Edison Mukuhwa, are also on remand over the abduction of Wimbo and holding him against his will.

According to Obenesia, Pamacheche was not a family member, but joined the family after being treated by Wimbo of mental sickness.

“Pamacheche murwere wepfungwa. He suffers from mental sickness.” said Obenesia

Meanwhile, relatives of the deceased have vowed to meet with president Emmerson Mngagawa for redress and justice.

“We have tried all we can. President Emmerson Mnangagwa must have our father released. Pamacheche is now claiming he was asked by the president to take our father hostage,”added Obenesia.

A relative of the deceased who spoke on condition that his name is not printed said: “We’re concerned about how justice is being delayed. The new dispensation must deal with this issue so that we can have closure,”

Wimbo’s distressed son, Abinashen Gomo –accused Ishmael Magodi, Zex Pamacheche, Shepherd Chingwena and Edison Mukohwa of having allegedly abducted Wimbo on June 29, 2015 for the furtherance of their Zanu PF factional interests – said Mugabe’s team had done little tangible to help the situation.

“Now what has happened is that the church has all but split into two, with us and other church members in the village and surrounding areas congregating at home, while they (the other group) do their service at his shrine, with both camps pledging allegiance to Mudzidzi’s (Wimbo’s) leadership.

“However, on a sad note, other members have since left for other churches
while some have quit worshipping altogether out of frustration,” he added.

Pamacheche is also accused of having is also accused of committing a series of heinous crimes ranging from extortion, adultery and murder, Gomo said, he had roped in senior politicians for protection as he sought to get his way out.

In the Zanu PF primary election, Pamacheche will battle it out with a former journalist and academic, Stanley Karombo, the embattled incumbent Nicholas Goche, gold panner and Goche’s protegee’ Oscar Gorerino.




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