Harare, Zimbabwe(News of the South)-The novelty of Mugabe actually disappearing from the political scene was so attractive and exciting that when the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), in clandestine connivance with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), called for a mass demonstration everyone trooped out.

Everything and everyone that had an opposite political inclination threw away their ‘usual’ principles and went into the streets where people hugged murderous soldiers resting atop gun turrets far removed from the bloody scenes they played back in 2008 and 2002.

We all shoved into the dark crevices of the subconscious the knowledge that these were part of the short sleeve and long sleeve campaign, and reveled in the strange scenes of their resigned and languid selves grinning and hugging anything with a Zimbabwean flag.

That on the very day that one of the biggest political hijackings in the country took place everyone was there and supportive is a quirk of Zimbabwe’s political fate and does unmitigated damage to all the years of our being one of the most stable countries this side of South.

History shall record that on the day that the country stumbled, everyone was there clapping and dancing for more.

More of General Chiwenga and his innocently clothed iron hand strangling the same constitution that he held up at the press conference and alleged to be upholding.

Songs for more soldiers despite a bloody history revealing a bloody rose-red path littered with the allegedly disfigured, the maimed and the dead.

Tales in the future shall relate that we all turned up in our numbers and supported a cabal of factional military soldiers who connived to usurp a legitimately elected and venomously hated President.

After 37 years we were all glad to see the back of Mugabe, few cared about the how part.

Barely a month after the dramatic events, the swirling eddy in our heads is settling down and some are waking to the realisation of what actually took place.

The unabashed are defensive and refusing the ameliorating grace of repentance. To them Mugabe had to go and that the soldiers had to sodomise a whole constitution is a side dish they won’t partake of surfeited by the starter of Mugabe going.

One prominent Twitter user has even come up with a disabled analogy that celebrates the gun-led entrance of Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara and the development he brought against the destructive hegemony of the supposed democratic Mugabe’s 37 years.

The supposed lesson of the heretical teaching is that don’t hate the gun per se because it can bestow upon thee bounteous fruits you never expected. On the other hand the much vaunted glory of democracy and its electoral channels should not be hallowed for, inversely, it can grant thee a devil.

Hogwash. As Biti has been saying, defending the MDC Alliance trip to America, some things need to be observed/done for the sheer matter of principle.

Practice, for a fallen man is rife with distortions of the theoretical. However failure to apply the theoretical in practice cannot be a justification to invalidate the principle of the theoretical.

The principle of the democracy that we have been panting for all these years is that Mugabe was a legitimately elected demon that had to be exorcised in the very same way it had been inculcated into us.

That we allowed an incestuous combination of military force and unconstitutional passion to overtake us, is a direct indictment of the virgin state of our evolution as democrats.

There is still a strong element of bushwhacker nativity about us as a country.

We should by now be locked down in the penance chamber for a raped constitution, straining to rectify the situation back into normalcy.


The burden upon us should have been about the dereliction of the holy-writ of our national governance and not debating the pros and cons of the coup or wondering whether it was a coup or not one.

Frightened by their actions which supported and legitimised a whole coup, some have resorted to weaving scholastic webs daunting in their reach and vapidity of logic.

To them Mugabe was a special case who required a special means of booting out and the soldiers had the moral authority to stand up to political vampires that crop up in our midst basing on the sheer fact that they are the ones that had the guns and means.

The frightening thing about this argument is that its the artifice of career democrats and human rights proponents. Man and women who have been arrested and beaten in the past whilst fighting for the rule of law.

They have allowed their emotions to ride roughshod over the principles of the same democratic tenets they fight for and justify the abuse of the rule of law basing on outside parameters.

The ugly beauty of democracy is that it allows each and everyone of us a long rope of chance/room before it executes judgement.


Mugabe was a failed ruler who was still owed a legitimate ouster according to the principles which we are fighting for.

Democracy is not lightning, its a storm, slowly swirling towards your spot to question your untethered or rock-solid standing.

The military’s Operation Restore Legacy was a lightning and false type of democracy, obliterating all opposition in its path, feeding upon the hatred we had for Mugabe.

Today prices are going up, Mnangagwa has not crafted the envisaged Transitional government and the even electoral field is nowhere is sight. The opposition has been shunned away and promised another round of skewed elections.

The false democracy is failing, as it should, and we are all realising the march was an empty climax.

A spirited spurt of nothing.




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